Paxson Elementary School Running Club honors Emily





A PE teacher, Glen Moffatt, from Paxson Elementary School in Missoula, Montana, recently wrote to me. He wanted to tell me a story about Emily.
“She worked at Paxson as a student teacher or student teacher volunteer and showed up in my gym one day and said that she was really interested in the running club and wanted to help.Well, she did, She made up the Paxson running club chant. The kids still do it every year.It goes like this:
Icky a Picky Wicky
Icky La Bumba
Awful a Waffle Daffle
Ooh Ahh ooh ahh
Paxson running Club!

She made a great impression helping the kids and teaching them about the importance of fitness.

This year they named their last day of running club Emily’s run. The kids used chalk to write words about running,fitness, having fun, etc. around the school sidewalks.They released some balloons in Emily’s honor.Possibly the last day of running club will always be Emily’s run!
Today was a great day for our students.They really got into the idea of celebrating someone who came to Paxson, and volunteered to help because she knew the importance of teaching children to take care of themselves.Emily made an impact on me and the Paxson kids that she worked with. I’ve always wanted to do something for her. Today was fun and extremely positive!”

Thank you to Glenn and the Paxson Running club for honoring Emily in this perfect way!

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Foundation Donates to the Summer Arts and Leadership Camp, Missoula, MT

The Emily Sandall Foundation will sponsor three youth to attend the Summer Arts & Leadership Camp this summer in Missoula, MT.This camp serves the homeless and at-risk youth in Missoula, ages 8-14 years old.

Emily believed strongly in outdoor leadership and opportunities for at-risk youth.She worked tirelessly in the US and around the world with at risk youth and was a guide through YMCA Camp Menogyn and Outward Bound for youth.Her friend Joshua used to direct the camp.
We wish the SALC staff and campers a wonderful and safe camp season.

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Shine a Light Receives prestigious Honor

The Emily Sandall Foundation has helped to support a project each year with Shine a Light.We donated to the Amazon project in Dec. 2014.We are very proud of Kurt and Rita’s organization.

“The United Nations just recognized Shine a Light as one of the five most significant NGOs working for intercultural understanding. Out of more than 11,000 applicants from the whole world, our CanalCanoa Project, teaching video to indigenous kids in the Amazon, got fifth place. Here is the press release:”
Kurt Shaw, Executive Director, Shine a Light

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Foundation Donates to the Nepal School

The Foundation donates to the Sankhu -Palubari Community School in Nepal. They have established a student council that we are helping to sponsor.It is called Child club, a type of student government organization of student leaders who are included in school management of extracurricular and other school activities.Last year the extracurricular activities included:Spelling, handwriting and speech competitions, friendship football matches with with other schools, World Sanitation week and Global hand washing Day.

In the next week or so a member from the Advocates for Human Rights will be carrying an Oxford Dictionary to the school to present to the second student to receive the Emily Sandall Global Citizen Award.

The winner of last year’s award , Parabati, is the current president of the Child Club.The club recently participated in a big service project to clean up the school,playground and surrounding area.

We will also be funding teacher training at the school.

Emily loved the school and worked tirelessly for it. She spent countless hours with her humble fund-raising and her trip to Sankhu where she taught for a short while. Laura and I hold the school dear to our hearts.On our trip to Sankhu we were so impressed with the school, the staff, the Advocates for Human Rights, and the wonderful students.

We are very proud of this school and are so happy to help its future.

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Dictionary for the Global Citizen Award on its way to Minneapolis and then Nepal!

We sent the dictionary to be delivered to Nepal for the Sankhu Palubari Community School’s presentation of the second Emily Sandall Global Citizen Award.
Here is the inscription:
“Congratulations on receiving the Emily Sandall Global Citizen award. Emily cared deeply for the quality of education and human rights for the students of your school.She lived in Sankhu and worked at your school in 2001. She fund-raised for your school through high school and college.
Emily was an excellent student like you and strived to make the world a better place through her global community service.
Emily would be very proud of you and your achievements.
We are proud of you and congratulate you again.
The Emily Sandall Foundation
Continue to strive for excellence, hard work and kindness. Thank you.”

Emily would be so incredibly proud of this award.

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