Sandall family donates to Bellingham Giving Circle in honor of Em

In honor of Emily and the ten year anniversary the Sandall family donated to the Bellingham Giving Circle that provides food and support to homeless teens that are registered high school students. The teachers and counselors comment on how much it has improved their focus. I think Em would really like this.

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Foundation donates to Center for Music by People with Disabilities in Missoula

“The Emily Sandall Foundation will once again support the work of the Center for Music by People with Disabilities (CMPD), through summer music and dance programs for disabled adults at Opportunity Resources, Inc. (ORI) in Missoula, Montana. Tarn Ream and Roger Moquin offer open African music and dance sessions to everyone in the ORI building, sometimes drawing up to 30 people who join in singing, playing drums and other instruments, and participating in creative movement activities. Due to the nature of this continuing program, the participants are always excited to see Tarn and Roger, often requesting specific songs and movement, happy to learn something new, and always asking when they will be back!

CMPD is a 501 (c) 3 organization, with 509 (a) (2) status, and a mission statement that sums the work nicely: “striving to make music-related activities – music learning, music making, composing, performing, and recording – accessible to children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities in the county of Missoula so that the vision of Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 of full inclusion of people with disabilities in the educational, social, and cultural life of the community can be transformed into a reality.”

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Sandall Family donates to the Healing Fair in Guatemala for the families and farmers of Rabinal

In Emily’s honor,The Sandall Family donated to the traditional healing Fair at Qachuu Aloom in Guatemala to help support the health of traditional farmers and families in Rabinal.

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A Gentle Idea to Honor Em, Nov. 8, 2016

A Gentle Idea to honor Em, Nov. 8, 2016 Tenth Year anniversary

As we near the tenth year anniversary I thought of an idea that might help make it easier.Let’s all try and do a good deed that day
or around that day like we did last year. If everyone can then send their stories to me,
I will then compile them anonymously and send them back around to everyone. Wouldn’t she love that?
My e-mail is
Thank you,
Becky Sandall

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Two campers are awarded Emily Sandall camperships at Camp Menogyn for summer 2016

Two deserving campers were awarded Emily Sandall camperships for their trips at YMCA Camp Menogyn this summer.The scholarship application is below.Paul started this fund after his awesome 2008 PCT hike and it has grown with our wonderfully generous Foundation community donations.
We hope that the campers have a wonderful summer at YMCA Menogyn and continue their love for the wilderness and community service.

History and Background of Campership:
Emily Sandall was a Menogyn guide from 2001-2004. Her passions included wilderness adventures and
humanitarian service. When not leading canoe and backpacking trips she worked with street children and
child laborers in Nepal and Mexico. She saw many opportunities in life to teach, to challenge, to laugh, and
dance, and sing and camp, and especially to help others. She lived simply but passionately. Tragically Emily
died in an accident Nov. 2006, at the age of 25.
The Sandall Family and the Emily Sandall Foundation have established YMCA Camp Menogyn camperships in
Emily’s name in an effort to keep alive her spirit of giving and her love for Menogyn. The scholarship is
designed to help a deserving young person experience a Menogyn wilderness trip. The recipient should
show passion for helping others through some community service work. Emily in her short and remarkable
life always tried to combine wilderness adventure with helping others. Her family hopes to foster that in
others through this scholarship.
It is the Sandall family’s hope that this scholarship stimulates interest in community service and wilderness
exploration in deserving teens over many years.
Emily would love to know that her scholarship helps a teen experience the wilderness. She would also love
to spread the message of the importance of volunteer service- helping those less fortunate by giving them
a voice. Emily’s life work combined her love for the wilderness and humanitarian service with passion and
joy. Please tell us how these values are demonstrated in your life.

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