Emily Sandall Memorial Scholarships and Microloans Established through Garden’s Edge

This exciting new program is being set up as a collaboration between the Garden’s Edge and the Emily Sandall Foundation. Each year the Garden’s Edge will offer scholarships and microloans to women and girls in Guatemala in memory of Emily.
“The Garden’s Edge is honored to help the foundation carry on Emily’s legacy by helping Guatemalan girls continue their education and offering women economic opportunities through our microlending program.Scholarship recipients are girls between ages 13-21 from rural communities. We offer three major activities: school support,workshops and apprenticeships.As part of the scholarships the girls volunteer at our Guatemala association,or in their villages planting gardens and complete apprenticeships with local craftspeople.
Microloans support agriculture, animal husbandry,traditional arts,such as weaving textiles and basketry,pottery, gourd art and the construction of rain catchment tanks , which help the farmers extend their growing season. The micro-credit program has 92 members,70% women and a 100% repayment rate.”
quote by Sarah Montgomery, founder of Garden’s Edge and Qachuu Aloom in Guatemala

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