Wonderful PAVE training results in Jordan!

” Here in Jordan, using the first round
of the PAVE training, that over 4,800 children have been assisted. Further, an aspect of the PAVE training also
included assisting staff to recognize hazardous work and how to
effectively work with children at high-risk. One of the PAVE trainees
replicated the training for 125 Mi…nistry of Labor inspectors that
monitor workplaces in communities throughout Jordan. As a result of
their training, a total of 1,845 children have been identified as
working in hazardous work and removed so that they could return to
formal school or enter other education. Overall, the impact of PAVE in
Jordan is making a big difference. I’m very proud and know that without
the support of folks like you, this could not happen.Just
thought you would like to know the accomplishments that have occurred. I’m off to Jordan and plan to do PAVE training for
staff on November 8th in honor of Emily. ”
Diane Mull, IIECL

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