Joy Junction Fundraiser

We had an excellent turn-out for our Joy Junction donation drop-off and breakfast .Joy Junction is a shelter providing emergency and longer-term food, shelter, clothing, transportation and an array of other services for homeless women and families. It is New Mexico’s largest emergency shelter for homeless families and usually shelters about 300 people daily.Emilyhad help serve a meal  to the residents when she was  Key Club President  in her senior year.

 Thirty friends came yesterday to our house for breakfast and my loyal brother ,Mark, flew in again from California.The donations were very generous and thoughtful.

 This afternoon we dropped off the bags of blankets,sleeping bags,clothes,diapers,coats,sheets,pillows,hats, gloves,new socks and underwear,backpacks filled with school supplies and lots of canned goods, bottled water,soups and cereals at Joy Junction.

They were very pleased and thankful for our donations.

Thank you to everyone participating in this wonderful fund-raiser.

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