Foundation Donates to the Nepal School

The Foundation donates to the Sankhu -Palubari Community School in Nepal. They have established a student council that we are helping to sponsor.It is called Child club, a type of student government organization of student leaders who are included in school management of extracurricular and other school activities.Last year the extracurricular activities included:Spelling, handwriting and speech competitions, friendship football matches with with other schools, World Sanitation week and Global hand washing Day.

In the next week or so a member from the Advocates for Human Rights will be carrying an Oxford Dictionary to the school to present to the second student to receive the Emily Sandall Global Citizen Award.

The winner of last year’s award , Parabati, is the current president of the Child Club.The club recently participated in a big service project to clean up the school,playground and surrounding area.

We will also be funding teacher training at the school.

Emily loved the school and worked tirelessly for it. She spent countless hours with her humble fund-raising and her trip to Sankhu where she taught for a short while. Laura and I hold the school dear to our hearts.On our trip to Sankhu we were so impressed with the school, the staff, the Advocates for Human Rights, and the wonderful students.

We are very proud of this school and are so happy to help its future.

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