Foundation donates to Emily’s African Dance class for a scholarship

“The International Rescue Committee contacted Unity Dance & Drum recently to inquire about having Sifa, a 15 year old, attend weekly community African dance classes. This refugee resettlement organization has been working with Congolese families that have recently made their homes in Missoula. Sifa’s family is originally from the D.R. Congo, but all these families have been living in a refugee camps in East Africa for about 20 years. For most of them this move is a major shift in daily living—things like cookstoves, and running water, and refrigerators, language, AND the snow are all very new! With support from the Emily Sandall Foundation, Sifa will be able to attend weekly classes—a great way to connect with other people from the community (and lots of young people in the class right now!), as well as connect with her home continent in some small way.”

Tarn Ream, Emily’s African Dance teacher and dear friend

Wouldn’t Emily love this?!

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