Foundation Donates to The Garden’s Edge

“The Garden’s Edge is so happy to work with The Emily Sandall Foundation to help improve childhood nutrition in Rabinal, Guatemala. In Guatemala, 45.6% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition. Our program works with 92 children, 66 mothers, and 2 schools. Maya youth are trained to be leaders in the nutrition program, giving them important work experience and leadership training. The project values the cultural knowledge of the Achi Maya people. The nutrition project uses native plants like Amaranth, Macuy and Chiplilin that are high in micro-nutrients, as well as traditional medicines to help children and mothers recuperate from malnutrition. This shows the community that the knowledge for solving these health problems is in their own back yards. It empowers them to become leaders in the development process and values their knowledge as indigenous peoples.”

Sarah Montgomery
Director of the Garden’s Edge

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