Good Deeds Honor Em

Good deeds to honor Em:
Some wonderful good deeds that were sent to me:
1.In honor of Emily I bought groceries for the residents of a homeless women shelter.
2.Donated to Friends of youth at work -homeless youth services

3.Donating to Seattle Food bank and humane society.Delivered cans to food bank .
4.I donated money to the Save the Boundary Waters campaign and contacted representatives in New York and Minnesota about stopping mining in the BW watershed. I also have been singing to my daughter “Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key,” which I learned from Emily.
5.I teach mathematics at a high school. After telling them Emily’s story, I asked my students to perform a “Random Act of Kindness” and then showed them how to generate random integers using their graphing calculators.
Over the course of the week, ~70 students each performed 5 random acts of kindness, making approximately 350 acts for Emily.

6.Took a friend to lunch and to chat at a state park about old friends and good times at camp.
7.Took home-made cookies to good friends, donated to Puerto Rico Hurricane relief, cleaning up a park to honor Emily.

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