Foundation donates to scholarships In Guatemala

Foundation Supports scholarships in Guatemala with Quachuu Aloom and Garden’s Edge:
Emily Sandall Foundation and Quachuu Aloom supports scholarships with the aim of strengthening the capacities and skills that young people have from a culturally sensitive perspective that values ancestral knowledge and that the students can put into practice in their personal, family and community life. This support is aimed more at young women since they are the least likely to continue their school studies in middle and high school. For this reason, the Association promotes spaces for young people to study but also develop skills in agroecology, value-added product processing, nutrition and entrepreneurial projects where they can shape their dreams. In recent years, young men have been involved in the scholarship program, but 80% of the scholarship students are girls.
The different activities carried out during the year were:

Conducting workshops with scholarship students on topics of: self-esteem, healthy and nutritious consumption, importance of the production of healthy food and native seeds so that they always have production within the family.

Youth training school: Module Themes: First module: National and regional context Second module: History and Identity Achi Third module: Gender and power relations Fourth module: Agroecology as a development strategy Fifth module: Sexual and reproductive health Sixth module: Rural entrepreneurship, management and project preparation.

ACHIEVEMENTS: At the end of the training modules, each scholarship student decided to start their own mini
project, and developed it through the trainings. These projects were; vegetable gardening, hen breeding, elaboration and sale of fabrics and production and sale of amaranth products such as “alegria” bars. Each students was given a small seed capital so that they could start their projects.

Two of the scholarships students graduated this year! One as a secretary and the other in Administration.

 Height measuring.Healthy Fair.
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