I Remain Hopeful

Hopeful that Em can still live through us,

Hopeful that we can carry on her work,

  that through this tragedy we can comfort others,

  that we can better the world,

Hopeful that we can channel the grief and pain into positive steps,

Hopeful that we can find Em in many of life’s expressions, 

  the song or flight of birds,

Hopeful that this will bring us closer as a family, as friends,

Hopeful that we can express ourselves more creatively,

Hopeful that we each can find more sustainable meaning in life,

Hopeful that a network of caring people can grow and prosper and support each other,

Hopeful that we can get through this, be better, sadder, but better people for it,

Hopeful that the pain will lessen, the emptiness fill, the tears decrease,

Hopeful that we will feel Em each day for the rest of our lives,

Hopeful that she will be there to help, to comfort, to carry us on,

Hopeful that Emily still lives in each of us.

Paul Sandall

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  1. Mark says:

    I find it very comforting to read this each day. After this weekend I am moved and motivated to try to do these things.
    Thank you so much for being who you are.

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