Foundation donates to Rise Now for new playgrounds to be built in Mexico

In honor of Emily and her passion for encouraging education and outdoor play for  kids around the world, The Emily Sandall Foundation continues its partnership with Rise Now to sponsor building playgrounds in Mexico.

“Now we have multiple playgrounds we are working on, the first in a small community in Oxchuc, a small indigenous municipality.  The teachers asked that the build be a workshop so they can replicate and reproduce the playgrounds around their school district.   That is music to our ears and we will probably be working with the teachers and community of Oxchuc on a few playgrounds until they feel comfortable doing it on their own.  It generally takes more than one playground before someone understands all the tire technics and safety considerations.


In addition to the Oxchuc project we are focusing  efforts on organizing with the small town of Na’ha for a very interesting build in the Lacandon, an especially sensitive area for multiple reasons.  The park would be part of a larger eco-tourism project with another NGO in an effort to promote and protect the shrinking jungle and disappearing culture of the lacandon through sustainable development.  It is through partnerships like this where multiple organizations work amplify one another that I have seen the most impact so I am excited about this project.


We would really love to continue amplifying the mission and purpose of the Emily Sandall foundation through these programs and projects. “

Bret Ingold, Director, Rise Now Inc.

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