Foundation donates to YMCA Camp Menogyn Canoe program

“This summer the  Emily Sandall Foundation was able to invest in the ‘York Factory’ program which maintains and restores Menogyn’s canoe fleet. Items purchased include, but are not limited to: canvas, brass tacks, skid plates, new ribs and gunnels, foam pads for whitewater, PDF’s, and paddles. Individually these items seem relatively insignificant; however, the sum of the parts are the heart and soul of our trip progression. We aim to launch three refurbished wood canvas canoes this summer with a fourth well on its way for an early season launch next year.

One other unique aspect of York Factory is our paddle building program. Campers hand-make a paddle before embarking on their canoe trip. As campers start with a raw shapeless paddle blank that evolves into a work of art, the pride of craftsmanship beams from their faces.

You are likely aware that during Emily’s last summer at Menogyn, she wrote a good bye letter to Camp. This letter continues to be shared at “First Light” multiple times a summer and remains a treasured piece of writing for the community. In it Emily speaks of the beauty and simplicity of camp life. As I visited the Em Sandall bench and gazed out at the sparkling waters of Bearskin today, Emily’s appreciation for the beauty in nature and her commitment to community washed over me. Emily’s legacy continues to inspire all of us, staff and campers alike.

It is an honor for us to carry on Emily’s legacy and we look forward to  our continued partnership.”

-Meghan Cosgrove, Executive Director, YMCA Camp Menogyn

We are very proud of this partnership and very proud of Em!

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