All those who knew Emily loved her.

It was her shy smile, her laughter that lasted for hours, her way of making everything fun. It was her crazy jig, how all of her worries were taken away when she got on the dance floor. It was her singing, her calm guitar playing.

It was her selfless spirit, always wanting to help others. It was her pranks, her jokes, her childish games. It was her never-ending goal lists to help save the world.

It was her passions, to not just say, but go out and do. It was her love for everyone, especially of those forgotten. She had a way of reaching out to the people who needed voices, who needed to be heard. She had a way of always wanting to do more, to get more kids off the streets, to make a lonely person smile, to make a person’s day that much better.

Never have I met someone who is so giving, and so humble about her accomplishments.

She did it all for the right reasons, to make this world a better place, one step at a time. She cared about everyone, and she told the people she loved that she loved them.

It was her way of finding beauty in everywhere she went. In the eyes of a child begging on a street, in an old woman needing someone to talk to, in the mountains, in the lakes and streams, in the birds flying above.

Emily cared about everyone on this Earth. How can someone care so much? How can someone give so much? How can someone have so much love for people?

Emily was amazing, she will always be. And I feel blessed to have been such a part of her life, as I’m sure everyone feels blessed to have known her.

Let’s keep Emily’s spirit alive forever.

Let’s dance and laugh and cry for her. Let’s talk to that stranger and make their day better, or go buy food for someone who needs a meal. And dance crazy and not care about who’s watching. And laugh with everything you have inside you, for as long as you possibly can. And sing, and learn a hobby that you have always wanted to. And care for your friends and family, but also care about the people who are forgotten. Know that there is always more you can be doing, that there are people out there who need our help, children out there who need our help. Love with all your heart, live with all your passions, that’s what Emily did.

Let’s do that for her.

-Laura Sandall
Emily’s sister

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