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Foundation supports nutrition and Maternal health program in Guatemala

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Foundation supports nutrition and Maternal health program in Guatemala:

Nutrition and Maternal Health Qachuu Aloom has ten Madres Guias (Mother Guides) who are trained in nutrition. These women are promoters whose job it is to facilitate hands-on workshops with mothers and midwives in the communities. Their goal is to establish healthy eating by growing organic home-gardens and learning how to prepare nutritious foods. The Mother Guides receive training in the preparation of nutritious food recipes, and the elaboration of natural medicines. They replicate what they have learned within their community using the “mother-to-mother” methodology. This is a play off of the term “farmer-to-farmer” but instead of sharing knowledge on agriculture the mothers share knowledge with one another on nutrition and health. The Mother Guides form groups of 5 to 8 mothers each to receive workshops and to facilitate knowledge exchanges. The young mothers who are motivated to learn new recipes and know that eating healthy food is best for their family, are essentially in training to become future Mother Guides. In total, the Mother Guides are working with approximately 80 mothers from the communities where QA works. The transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next, including the younger generations' support of their elders around new technologies is something to behold! We’re beginning to see the fruit of our labor in the good work that our former scholarship students are undertaking, including their roles at Qachuu Aloom and The Garden’s Edge. Thank you so much for your continued support of the scholarships for Maya Achi youth and for the Maternal Health and Nutrition work with “Mother Guides.” We could not do this important work without you!" Sarah Montgomery, Director, Garden's Edge

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