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Emily Sandall Foundation Donates to Garden's Edge

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

In honor of Emily and the new year the Sandall Family will be supporting a Creative solutions project through Qachuu Aloom and the Garden's Edge in Guatemala. Rosa wrote:"This year, I would like to expand my creative solutions project and buy a sewing machine that would allow me to sew thicker materials like cortes, and huipiles, traditional garments from Guatemala.

I believe that to preserve the culture, it is important that we keep using our dresses, skirts, and make new clothes with them. Even though we can buy aprons, skirts, and other things we need in the market, it is not the same as making them with local fabrics. In the community, I can help by sewing clothes for my neighbors as well as repairing them so that they can be used multiple times. Also, financially it will be a huge benefit for me because right now I don’t have a stable income. Doing this project will help strengthen the local economy in my small community as people won’t have to go far away looking for somebody to repair or sew their clothes.

I feel inspired about this project because it will be a learning opportunity for me too, as it will allow me to keep sewing more clothes and creating new designs. I will explore my creativity, and this makes me excited about my project. In the future, I also look forward to expanding my knowledge, after I get my sewing machine, I will be able to save money so that later I can study how to make other designs.

I envisioned that in the future my knowledge in this project can be passed on to my children. I will teach them and then they would be able to do the same. Thank you so much for supporting me and my dream. " The Sandall family is proud and honored to support Rosa in her dream and to honor Emily in this special way.

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