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Foundation Sponsors Pre-K learning room at Sankhu School in Nepal to honor Emily and 25 Years (Silver Jubilee) of the Sankhu School!

In honor of Emily and the Silver Jubilee Year (25 years) of the Sankhu School in Nepal, we are sponsoring the new learning resource pre-K room at the SPCS . We would love to promote the learning and literacy for the future learners at the SPCS. We are very excited for the children to have this new learning space and look forward to pictures and updates as it progresses. Emily loved the school and worked tirelessly for it. She spent countless hours with her humble fund-raising in high school and college and taught at the school for a short while during her junior year of college.Laura and I hold the school dear to our hearts. On our trip to the Sankhu school we were very impressed with the school, staff, the Advocates for Human Rights and the wonderful students.

The Sankhu-Palubari Community School in Nepal provides a free education from pre-K through grade 10 to the neediest children in this Kathmandu Valley area.Founded by the Advocates for Human Rights and operated in partnership with Educate the Children-Nepal and the local community, the school gives a genuine alternative to child labor and a brighter future.

The SPCS curriculum includes Nepali, English,grammar, math,science and social studies.Extracurricular opportunities include poetry,art,mucic,Nepali dance, speech and sports.Students also learn a human rights curriculum developed especially for the school.The school also provides a daily meal,health checks and immunizations for all of the students.

Wouldn't Emily love this donation and to know her foundation is sponsoring a room to support literacy, creativity and learning for these young students who are the future of the Sankhu school!

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