Emily Sandall Global Citizen Award given at the Nepal School

This academic year the Emily Sandall Global Citizen award was given at the Sankhu-Palubari Community School to Ms. Sunita Dangal, a Grade 7 student. She was selected for her active participation in the student government activities and overall achievement. In the debate competition, Sunita placed 3rd in the school. Sunita was awarded an Oxford Dictionary sent by the Emily Sandall Foundation.

Here is the inscription:
“Congratulations on receiving the Emily Sandall Global Citizen award. Emily cared deeply for the quality of education and human rights for the students of your school.She lived in Sankhu and worked at your school in 2001. She fund-raised for your school through high school and college.
Emily was an excellent student like you and strived to make the world a better place through her global community service.
Emily would be very proud of you and your achievements.
We are proud of you and congratulate you again.
The Emily Sandall Foundation
Continue to strive for excellence, hard work and kindness. Thank you.”
Emily would be so incredibly proud of this award and Sunita on her excellent achievements.

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Fellow Menogyn Guide Donates to Foundation

Thanks so much to Natalie Bowker, a fellow Menogyn guide with Emily, for her generous donation to our Foundation in honor of Emily:
“My 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is rapidly coming to an end. Like many growth-filled experiences, it’s bittersweet to be wrapping it up. I will be teaching a donation based Mellow Vinyasa-heart opening flow. All donations made will be going to the Emily Sandall Foundation. ”
Thank you Natalie!

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Foundation donates to Rise Now

The Emily Sandall Foundation is proud to give a donation to Rise Now, an organization that works with rural communities in Mexico to organize the building of playgrounds of recycled tires. These playgrounds will directly:
– Improve the lives of hundreds of children by providing new opportunities for safe, imaginative play and the benefits play provides.
– Train local community members in tire construction techniques, as well as methods for proper playground care and maintenance.
– Repurpose 50-100 discarded tires, saving them from incineration causing extreme air pollution or from sitting in landfills where they serve as Malaria and Dengue breeding grounds.
I know Emily would love this project as she was passionate about ensuring that all children have access to free, creative play.

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Foundation Donates to The Garden’s Edge

“The Garden’s Edge is so happy to work with The Emily Sandall Foundation to help improve childhood nutrition in Rabinal, Guatemala. In Guatemala, 45.6% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition. Our program works with 92 children, 66 mothers, and 2 schools. Maya youth are trained to be leaders in the nutrition program, giving them important work experience and leadership training. The project values the cultural knowledge of the Achi Maya people. The nutrition project uses native plants like Amaranth, Macuy and Chiplilin that are high in micro-nutrients, as well as traditional medicines to help children and mothers recuperate from malnutrition. This shows the community that the knowledge for solving these health problems is in their own back yards. It empowers them to become leaders in the development process and values their knowledge as indigenous peoples.”

Sarah Montgomery
Director of the Garden’s Edge

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Kurt Shaw, Executive Director of Shine a Light honors Emily

“The support of the Emily Sandall Foundation has been indispensable for us over the last half dozen years. It is a wonderful tribute to Emily and to her dedication to marginalized children.

I remember her energy and dedication to human rights and social change. ”

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